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Assisting Individuals Facing Eating Problems


Does your loved one have problems with swallowing? Do they have recurrent lung aspirations? Are they diagnosed with a condition that requires the use of intravenous instruments? If so, we can help. Primus Incorporated, your trusted state-run living institution providing health services in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, makes sure that every resident can get the nutrients that their bodies need to function well.

Through our assisted living services, we serve and provide care that helps people that are limited one way or the other to enjoy the liberty to make choices for themselves. We believe in empowering our clients in their decision-making about their daily lives. We strive to empower our clients by encouraging them to participate in creating a unique service plan that reflects their choices, and we respect their choices, making it all about our clients.

Part of their care plan is how they get to receive daily essential nutrients. Our healthcare services in Minnesota make it a point to include meal planning and preparation as part of the benefits our residents get to receive.

Through professional help, we aim to help our residents live healthier and fuller lives. We believe that proper diet and nutrition are major factors in letting go of unhealthy habits and vices, especially for those with eating problems or disorders.

Our care team will work hand-in-hand with our residents to give them the support and education they need to restart their life. Through quality and dedicated living services, it is our mission to help our residents get back to loving and fulfilling life with their community and loved ones.

Get in touch with us! We encourage you to send your messages and questions so that we can serve you better. For more details, please do not hesitate to visit our contact page.

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