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Holistic Support: Reminders, Assistance, and More

Holistic Support: Reminders, Assistance, and More

We provide verbal or visual reminders for patients to take their medications on time to prevent misdosage, double dosage, and other incidents related to medication adherence. From prescriptions organized in pillboxes to previously set-up medications and those in original containers, we promise to help the individuals under our care to make the most of medication management. As a reliable provider of health services in Minnesota, our staff can also assist them with the intake of liquid or food to accompany their medication.

For patients with difficulty swallowing, recurrent lung aspirations, or the need for the use of a tube or parenteral and intravenous instruments, care professionals also provide assistance. We work to the best of our ability to ensure that clients with complicated eating problems stay nourished and comfortable. Our living services include modified diet plans ordered by a licensed health professional as well.

Other than medication reminders, we also provide verbal or visual reminders for performing regularly scheduled treatments and exercises. This way, the clients can manage their health holistically. With proper diet and exercise, as well as medication management, the residents of Primus Incorporated can achieve an improved quality of life.

We deliver the best possible healthcare services in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, going above and beyond our clients’ needs and expectations.

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