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What It Means to Live Independently

What It Means to Live Independently

You always hear about living with independence despite having a disability or physical limitations. What does living independently really mean? When can you say that you gain full control of your daily life? As a provider of health services in Minnesota, we want to share with you some qualities of having an independent life regardless of infirmity or age-related frailty.

  • You can do self-care.
    As an independent person, you can keep your house clean and your belongings organized. You can comb your hair, you can take a shower on your own, you can brush your teeth, and you can wear your favorite clothes. In case you’re receiving living services for assistance purposes, you should only be getting minimal support.
  • You can move with freedom.
    Going in and out of your bed, going to and from the toilet, and going up and down the stairs are daily movements that you should be doing with more freedom. Being independent means you only get healthcare services in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota when necessary to minimize the risks of falling, slipping, and other possible dangers at home.
  • You can socialize with the community.
    Having a disability should not isolate you from the community. To experience living an independent life, you should freely socialize with your neighbor, friends, and other members of your community. You can consider looking for people with the same interest that you have, such as playing an instrument, dancing, gardening, doing crafts, and any hobbies you have.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Primus Incorporated. We are committed to helping you reach a more independent life with minimal support. Contact us any time at your convenience.

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