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Day Against Abuse and Illicit Trafficking


Every year, on June 26th, the world observes International Day Against Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. It is a day to raise awareness of the dangers of abuse and trafficking and to encourage individuals and communities to take action to prevent and combat these issues. As a provider of health services in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, we must support this cause and educate our residents about these crucial matters.

As an organization that provides healthcare services in Minnesota, we understand the importance of living in a safe environment. Unfortunately, abuse and illicit trafficking can occur anywhere, even in the safety of one’s home. That’s why we prioritize the physical and emotional well-being of our residents by providing them with a safe and comfortable living environment. We aim to create a space where they feel valued, respected, and protected.

Living services in residential care homes play a significant role in preventing abuse and illicit trafficking. Our team can create a nurturing and compassionate home where residents feel comfortable sharing their concerns and receiving support.

Depression is a common mental health issue that can lead to abuse and trafficking. Our team provides residents with emotional support and resources to manage their mental health. A holistic approach to healthcare can help prevent abuse and trafficking by promoting emotional well-being.

Physical aggression is a form of abuse that can have serious consequences. That’s why we create a safe and secure place to prevent or eliminate physical aggression and other forms of abuse.

Primus Incorporated is committed to creating the best space for individuals needing our support. We believe that by raising awareness and educating our community, we can help prevent abuse and trafficking and create a safer world for all.

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