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Recognizing the Signs of Suicide


Mostly, people run away from their problems by turning to drug abuse or suicide. Read this article so you will also be able to recognize the possibility of the thought of suicide entering your loved one’s mind.

  • They Say They Want to Die
    Usually, if the person is very open and casual about wanting to die, it is a telltale sign that they are thinking about committing suicide. These thoughts could be induced by depression or some event that has pushed them to this thought. Always listen to them when they speak about their problems.
  • They Say People Are Better Off Without Them
    This is a very serious thought as they have it in their minds that the world is better without them. These are dark and intrusive thoughts so it’s easy for the person to get caught up in them. If you hear someone talk about this, be there for them, but at the same time, as for the right help. If they start to talk about it, call healthcare services in Minnesota as soon as possible.
  • They Are Starting to Wrap-Up Loose Ends
    You often hear people talk about some unfinished business on Earth. So when someone has suicidal thoughts, they begin to tie up loose ends so they can pass after taking care of what they feel needs to be done. If you start to notice this sign, check on them. If you might be busy, make sure to call for help like living services which can help keep the person you know to avoid those thoughts.

May 12 is World Suicide Prevention Day. We, at Primus Incorporated, encourage you to be there for people who need you even when they don’t ask. For health services in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, call us immediately.

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