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Why Are Nurses Awesome People?


Nurses are the backbone of the medical community. Without nurses, patients will lose a dedicated advocate and doctors lose expert assistance. Nurses are special because they take care of many people with varying conditions from drug abuse, to cancer, or dementia. As we celebrate National Nurses Day, we take a look at the reasons why nurses are truly just awesome.

  • Nurses are the Best Multitaskers
    Being a nurse is not simple. Nurses are very smart and have some of the best multitasking skills. They can easily juggle various patients with varying medical conditions and they can easily remember what needs to be done. For instance, nurses can take care of patients with depression, cancer, and heart failure in one night. But you don’t see nurses constantly flipping through charts. They have a very good memory to be able to remember all those details.
  • Nurses Are Awesome at Communicating
    As a nurse, they often have to take various personalities for each patient. Patients providing healthcare services in Minnesota can have very different needs and personalities from ER patients. So nurses have to wear multiple masks every day.
  • They Willingly Get Their Hands Dirty
    Because patients come into the hospital or a living services facility with various needs, getting dirty is certainly part of the job and nurses are people who willingly do it for their patients. No matter, the exhaustion or the dirt that comes with patient care, nurses are always happy and willing to do it.

Nurses are people who are like superheroes. If you know someone who is a nurse, hug them and thank them for all their hard work today. Also, if you’re looking for health services in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota that offer the services of registered nurses, call us at Primus Incorporated.

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