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Helping Your Loved Ones Transition to Assisted Living


Moving a loved one to assisted living can be difficult for many families. However, ensuring their safety and well-being is essential, especially if they need assistance with daily living activities.

As a provider of healthcare services in Minnesota, we understand the challenges of this transition and we breakdown the following tips to help your loved one adjust:

  • Involve them in the process

    It’s essential to involve your loved one in decision-making, including selecting the assisted living facility. Encourage them to ask questions and voice their concerns. This way, they’ll feel more comfortable and secure in their new environment.

  • Personalize their space

    Help your loved one personalize their living space by bringing their favorite items, photos, and furniture. This can help them feel comfortable and at home in their new environment.

  • Encourage socialization

    Encourage your loved one to participate in social activities and events in the assisted living facility. This can help them make new friends, combat depression, and prevent isolation.

  • Provide emotional support

    Moving to assisted living can be an emotional experience for your loved one. Provide emotional support by visiting them frequently, listening to their concerns, and encouraging them to share their feelings.

At Primus Incorporated, we strive to create a safe and loving environment where our residents can continue socialising and maintaining their independence with our living services. Our team is composed of professionals in the healthcare industry who are dedicated to improving the lives of our residents.

We guarantee to deliver our services through professionalism, skill, compassion, and understanding. So, if you’re looking for health services in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, feel free to reach us 763-339-1691. We’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition for your loved ones.

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