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Safe at Home: A Guide to Elevating Living Spaces


In the sphere of healthcare services in Minnesota, Primus Incorporated focuses on the protection of the elderly and disabled. Because of the unique challenges that these individuals face, they require additional safety precautions in their homes to avoid accidents and improve their overall quality of life.

Remember that any stairs, inside and out, require solid railings and enough lighting. Check that the restroom has a grab bar. This should not be done with an empty towel rack. Grab bars are built to withstand the weight of an adult. You might make things easy by utilizing our living services.

Make sure there is a solid step stool in the kitchen—or none at all. Also, place bulky and heavy goods in lower cupboards because your parent may struggle to reach up and lift things down. Remove any clutter as well. Furniture buried in heaps of junk mail and floors covered with old newspapers and magazines may make it difficult for anybody, especially those who need a cane or walker, to get around.

Assist them in disposing of prescription medicine that they no longer require, or that has passed its expiration date to avoid medication or drug abuse. Some seniors just do not want to throw away a “perfectly good,” out-of-date prescription since it was so expensive. Finally, alongside each telephone, add necessary phone numbers such as your work and home phone numbers, doctor’s office, and 9-1-1 for general emergencies.

Call now to learn more about our health services in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota that promote safety and give you and your family peace of mind. Don’t put it off any longer—take the first step toward a safe and dynamic living environment!


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