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Your Guide to Financially Feasible Care Solutions


In-home healthcare, particularly one-on-one care, is an important consideration for people who have loved ones who require assistance. However, the cost burden involved with such services frequently discourages families from considering them. Primus Incorporated recognizes the difficulties that families confront and strives to make healthcare services in Minnesota not only comfortable and convenient but also affordable.

Medicare, the nation’s major source of healthcare coverage, pays for skilled nursing services for home health or hospice but not for full in-home care. It is critical to understand the distinction between these services. Traditional in-home care is invoiced by the number of hours caregivers perform, with each organization establishing various prices and perhaps demanding a minimum number of service hours.

The financial benefit of in-home care or living services for couples, such as parents or grandparents, is remarkable. Unlike institutional settings such as nursing homes, in-home care is billed by personnel hours, allowing for substantial cost savings. In contrast to the per-person charge necessary in a nursing home, having one staff member care for two persons is less expensive.

Various resources can help persons seeking health services in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota for an individual rather than a couple meet the costs of in-home healthcare. Veterans’ benefits, widows’ benefits for veterans, Medicaid, Long-Term Care Insurance, life insurance policies, including viatical settlements and loans, and local groups like the Area Agency on Aging are also possible sources of financial support.

Are you ready to explore assisted living and cost-effective in-home healthcare? The comfort and well-being of your loved one are only a phone call away. Contact us right now to learn about individualized care choices that are right for your family and your budget. Don’t allow money to impede receiving decent healthcare—take the first step toward accessible and compassionate treatment!

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