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The Signs of Substance Abuse and Dependency


People with hard-to-deal problems may resort to substance abuse as a coping mechanism. That does not, however, solve their problems. Instead, it can even worsen their mental and physical health and usher in dangerous situations and other substance-related legal issues.

The continued use of these substances may result in chemical dependency, making it difficult for them to stop using and abusing drugs or alcohol. Signs of dependence may include:

  • Exhibiting tolerance to these substances, thereby craving to the need to increase its amounts to get the desired effects
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when one decreases or stops the use of the substances
  • Spending a lot of time using drugs or alcohol and pulling away from social activities, as well as its continued use that can interfere with work, school, or home duties

Primus Incorporated is a provider of quality Health Services in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, offering the best care possible. We ensure that all individuals with mental or developmental disabilities live a quality life in their respective communities while enhancing their health and safety through our residential services.

Our living services provide a safe and loving environment to our residents where they can also continue to remain independent as they receive personalized care from our team of skilled RNs, LPNs, CNAs, and Unlicensed Direct Support Personnel.

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