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Every person should have the freedom to get up each morning knowing exactly what needs to be done without being subject to any type of restraint. Primus Incorporated, the provider of Health Services in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, helps and provides services to make it possible for people who are restricted in some way to exercise their right to self-determination.

We believe it is important to give our patients the freedom to make decisions about their daily life as a provider of Healthcare Services in Minnesota. We empower our clients and make it all about them by encouraging their participation in creating a unique service plan that represents and values their preferences.

We are aware of the problem of prolonged institutionalization of Living Services of patients who have completed their treatment and want to return to the community to live with their loved ones because we worked at a state-run living facility.

More service providers, such as our Assisted Living, who are ready to provide housing services that are adapted to the needs of the patients or clients are always needed.  We obtained the full home care license and housing with services to provide services in a residential setting so that we may help our clients live lives of independence while enhancing their health and safety.

We are open to all clients who want to spend their healing journeys, such as clients with Bipolar Disorder, and other health and mobility issues. To discuss our care, please reach out to us.

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