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Common Mental Illnesses Among the Elderly


While there has been progress in the public’s understanding of mental health, we are still a long way from treating it on par with physical ailments. It is unfortunate that in many cultures, it is still frowned upon to openly discuss mental health issues.

Twenty percent of the elderly population experiences difficulties in their daily lives due to a variety of mental disorders. In fact, the majority of assisted living services provides seniors with access to professional counselors, which can be extremely valuable during some of life’s most difficult times. Health services in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota meet this standard by assisting elderly people with mental disabilities who need 24-hour supervision and assistance.

With the right information and vigilance, you can evaluate your elderly loved one’s physical and mental health and make sure they get the care they need. Listed below are some age-related mental disorders that are commonly experienced by older adults, along with the symptoms that you should be aware of.

  • Schizophrenia
    Adults over the age of 45 have an increased risk of developing late-onset schizophrenia, which shares symptoms with dementia such as paranoid delusions and panic. Disruptions in one’s thinking, perception, emotional states, speech, sense of self, and behavior are hallmarks of this long-term, severe mental disorder.
  • Depression
    Depression is also the leading mental illness in the elderly population. When an elderly person is lonely, it’s not just about aging. They may be experiencing feelings of isolation; The presence of even a single confidant or supportive person can have a profound impact and could lead to a better quality of life.

Primus Incorporated is a facility that provides healthcare services in Minnesota that focus on mental health promotion and disease prevention. Something your elderly loved one may require.

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