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Dancing: A Great Exercise for Seniors


Dancing has been practiced for a very long time in human history. Many people from all cultures and countries like to dance, and many integrate it into different festivities and events. With enough practice, anyone can learn the fundamentals of dance, and it is highly good for both the body and the spirit. As a gentle and painless type of exercise, our living services suggest dancing as an advantageous exercise for senior citizens who require improved health in aging.

As a source of healthcare services in Minnesota, we think the following are just a few of the many benefits of dancing:

  • Improved heart health
    Low-impact cardio through dance offers many of the same cardiac and pulmonary advantages as conventional cardio exercises.
  • Strengthens bones
    Movement boosts bone mass while also enhancing bone strength.
  • Weight control
    Dance is a full-body exercise that burns calories.
  • Improved mobility and agility
    We lose our capacity to move swiftly and fluidly as we get older. You can partially regain your agility by dancing.
  • Adaptability
    Because it keeps joints flexible and allows for more movement while generating less physical discomfort, dance helps our body prevent more problems.

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