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Promoting Mental Wellness Through Social Work


As a renowned provider of healthcare services in Minnesota, we recognize that social work is a profession built on the principles of empathy, advocacy, and social justice. These values are essential to promoting mental wellness, as social workers often encounter individuals and families who face challenges that can impact their mental health. In order to promote mental wellness, social workers must think creatively and innovatively about how they can support those they serve.

One way that social workers can promote mental wellness is by incorporating art and creativity into their work. Art therapy is a proven method of addressing mental health issues like depression. These creative approaches encourage self-expression and reduce stress. For example, a social worker could facilitate a group art project to promote collaboration and community building or encourage individuals to create a vision board to help them visualize and manifest their goals.

Another way that social workers can promote mental wellness is by using technology. Many people cannot access in-person mental health services due to distance, transportation, or disability. Social workers can utilize telehealth technologies such as videoconferencing and online chat to provide counseling and support to individuals who cannot avail of these living services in person.

Social workers can also promote mental wellness by partnering with community organizations that provide holistic care. For example, a social worker could collaborate with a local food bank to provide healthy food options for low-income individuals, or partner with an assisted living facility to address seniors’ mental issues.

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